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JESS Live Performance in Wimbledon

I would like to share with you the video from Sunday’s Student event. The first performance was Jess on guitar, my wife Deborah on vocals and me on guitar.  The song is called ‘Born to be wild’ originally by Steppenwolf.  Congratulations to Jess for first ever performance as a guitarist. I would like to add quite competent one!

Jess has been my student for about 4 months and has been working really hard to prepare for the student event. She played 4 songs including her original tune.  She is a singer and songwriter who wants to gain independence in her creative process. Her ambition is also to perform in front of the audience;-)

If you would like to build your confidence as a guitar player you are welcome to take some guitar lessons. It’s always a good fist step to becoming more comfortable playing in front of people. Also please note that there is no pressure to perform. You are welcome to come and learn guitar for your own enjoyment;-)

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