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In this lesson I am teaching how to play very powerful and very easy guitar solos on electric guitar. The lesson is inspired by the style of my favourite guitar player BB King. Great thing about this lesson and the first lesson of this series of tutorials that you can find in my blog section that you can start learning it as a complete beginner. If you can tune up your guitar you are already qualified to give it a go. I promise you as a teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience that this is the best and easiest place to start learning to solo.

Hope you will stay for two more lessons coming up in next two weeks.  For now check out the video tutorial and grab your guitar and start learning. If you have any questions leave a comment under the youtube video.

If you live around Wimbledon area and you consider having some lessons go to contact page to get my contact details. Please like and comment under my youtube video as it really helps! See you soon. Greg

Here’s The Extended BB King Box from the video lesson. Make sure you know where your root notes are. It’s In The Key of A but it can be moved to any key providing it’s in Major.

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