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Yesterday I have met a prospect guitar student in his early 20’s who wants to become a successful recording and touring musician and earn his living from music. He asked me a question what is better for him: to study at the music college or take private music lessons in order to make it. If you are interested in my reply continue reading…

This student reminded to me myself from years back when I was in my 20’s and I had a dream of becoming a rockstar. Back then I had no clue how music business works and what it takes to become successful in music business. Although I did believe that I had a lot to offer as an aspiring musician it seemed really unrealistic to achieve this goal. At this moment I know that achieving these goals is very realistic and as a matter of fact I have reached some of my unrealistic music goals already.Check my album Greg X Dream released in summer of 2011. The album received great reviews Worldwide as well as plenty of air plays in the radio and press coverage.

Now here’s the list of benefits of studying privately and studying at the music college

Benefits of studying with a guitar teacher who has achieved recognition as a recording artist and earns his living from music

-you will learn that music is only 30% of what you need to do in order to make it , other 70% percent is managing your time better and understanding how music business works

-you will learn how to avoid mistakes your music teacher made in order to make it in music industry.

-you will learn what to do in order to build your music career and credentials as a musician

-you will learn how to earn your credibility in music industry

-you will learn how to build good relationships in music industry versus having so called contacts in music industry that have no value since meeting someone influential once in your life doesn’t give you enough power to influence this persons decisions

-you will learn how to find great and committed  musicians to collaborate with you

-you will learn how to reduce risk of failure in music industry

‘Benefits’ of studying music at the Music College in London

-you will meet a lot of people however most likely they are not like-minded which make their friendship pretty useless to support your music career goals.

-you will learn a lot of generic music knowledge that in 70%  has nothing to do with your musical goals anyway.

-you will study with music teachers who are great musicians but they don’t know how to make it in music industry- that is why they play safe and get paid every month  by the college.

-I will say that again you will ‘learn to play safe’ in your life. People who don’t take risks don’t achieve anything significant

-you will generate a huge debt from high  tuition fees that will motivate you to work hard all your life to repay it

So by now you have an idea what I think. If you plan to make a living from music seek advice from someone who has done that already! Don’t take any advice from your parents, friends and family who haven’t made it in music industry or have never run their own business. Don’t take any advice from people who are on a monthly paycheck from public education that is supported by the Government and can not support itself without taxpayers help.  People that I mentioned are great but they were scared themselves to make it and they don’t want you to fail. But How can you make it if you don’t try? Contact me if you wish to earn a living from music and I will teach you how. I will also show you how to write a great song and how to improve your guitar technique if you are a guitarist. Please use the contact form on the top right of the page.

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