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It’s Blues Friday

As some of you know already I am posting here on Friday a new blues lick. To make things happen I decided to keep these videos simple. I don’t do much editing and commenting on these licks because it will be too time consuming. I have my teaching career and I am playing in the band so my time is limited. If you struggle to copy what I am doing feel free to download this video and slow it down using ‘Transcribe’ software.

The lick I am showing you today is pretty cool and fairly easy. It is in a key of A and it’s using chromaticism. Meaning that there are some notes outside the scale. Try to play it to some shuffle grove or some 12 bar major blues. If you struggle with application of this lick get in touch to book some lessons;-) I will show you how you can build your blues vocabulary. Have fun and hope to see you soon;-)

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