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Hi There

here’s another video from early December Student Band Performance Workshop. The video features Theo-guitar, Deborah-vocals, Thomas-guitar, Andre-drums, Dennis-bass, Me-lead guitar;-) If you are a blues fan there’s no way you won’t like the old good 50’s rock n’roll. Here’s Rock Around The Clock recorded by Bill Haley. The guitar parts were recorded by Danny Cedrone who tragically died before releasing Rock Around the Clock in 1950’s. ┬áThe solo from that song is pretty tough to play almost 50 years later but I did my best;-)

Playing rock n’roll and blues is a cool way of getting into guitar since rhythm parts are quite simple. I have included some blues and rock n’ roll in my beginner programmes so contact me if you wish to learn to play guitar. This stuff works well both on electric and acoustic guitar so no need to worry to much about the gear;-)

If you wish to build confidence to be able to play guitar in a band or in open mic nights and jam sessions please contact me to book a free intro lesson. For now check my students rocking out at the student workshop;-)

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