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Hi There

I hope you have been enjoying learning the previous two licks of the week? If you haven’t checked them out yet follow the link:blues guitar  lick of the week 1  and  blues guitar  lick of the week 2 . To retain these licks you must practice using them in your solos daily;-) Try also to mix them up or come up with your own variations. That will allow you to develop your unique guitar style;-)

Here is a new blues lick of the week. We are staying in the key of D and I recommend using this lick over the chord I of your 12 bar blues. I would like to point out that all licks so far work both over chords I and IV but it’s better to save them for the chord I and use minor pentatonic licks for the chord IV. As usual if you don’t know what I am talking about  feel free to book a free introductory no obligation guitar lesson and I will explain you everything in detail. I also do lessons via Skype and Facetime with people all around the World;-)

Enjoy your free blues lick of the week;-)

p.s. feel free to post a video response and I will post it on my site if I like it;-)

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