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Hi There

I am starting a new project today and I want you to get involved;-)  I am really into blues these days and I am working on my guitar licks. I do it by learning licks of some famous guitar players but I try to change them a bit to make them sounding more like me . I will be posting some cool blues licks that I came up with. Some of them are variations of previous ones as well. To make this project work I must keep this very simple so it will be mainly me recording and performing these licks at normal speed and slowly. There will be no editing done and no talking to make it really quick.  If you struggle to pick up what I am doing invest in transcribe software called “Transcribe” it allows you to slow down the video and loop the bits you are interested in learning. It this still doesn’t work book a lesson with me and I will show you what I am doing. Remember that the first intro lesson is free;-)

Now if you like to be involved record your version of this lick and post it on YouTube in response to my video and if I like it I will post it on my website 🙂

Enjoy your free video lesson;-)


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