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Hi There

Here is the lick two of my weekly blues licks project;-) This lick should satisfy fans of BB King, Peter Green and Eric Clapton.┬áIt is is a key of D and it should be played over chord I of your 12 bar blues. If you don’t know what I am talking about feel free to book a free introductory lesson and I will give a theory behind that;-). The cool thing about this lick is that it can be played with the previous lick I have posted. I am sure that your blues phrasing will improve in a few weeks if you stick to learning these licks. Please feel free to record your version and send me a link and If I like it I will feature it on my website. If you have any requests to play a lick in a style of someone please let me know. but lets keep things focussed around blues;-)

Enjoy you free blues lick of the week

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