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It’s Blues Friday again!

I hope you have been enjoying the previous blues guitar licks o the week? It might take a bit of time to master them so don’t worry if you still haven’t. The most important thing is to get used to the sound of these licks. They are not standard minor pentatonic scale licks that prove to be boring in 90% of time due to using them in the wrong context;-)

Today we are playing in the key of A so I suggest to practice this lick to some slow A blues backing track you can find on YouTube… I will be posting some videos of e jamming to backing track so that you can see the application of these licks. For now please check the lick below and share it on Facebook and Twitter if you like it. This will help me a lot.

Remember that you can download a software called Transcribe. It will slow down the video and audio which makes the learning process much easier.

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