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About two months ago I went to a music shop in Central London to check out the guitar I was after for the last 12 months. When I picked it up to try it I wasn’t as impressed as I should which left me a bit sad. There’s nothing wrong with that instrument but I didn’t fall in love with it to be honest. I have lest the shop and decided to go to the other one and this sis where I saw the resonator guitar. I have never tried one so I have asked the shop assistant if I could have a go. To my surprise I had a very good impression of that thing especially considering that there’s so much metal involved in the construction of this instrument. This is something I wasn’t used to. I have left that shop and didn’t buy anything as I had no time and I didn’t plan to buy a resonator that day!!! But it seems now that the resonator guitar chose me because I have started doing a bit of research and I came across the company called Michael Messer Guitars. They make good quality products and there’s a lot of personal attention from the company owner himself, who also happens to be an accomplished slide player. So to cut this long story short I now play the resonator guitar and it’s part of what I do as a blues and rock player. I also wanted to let you know that I am building my repertoire of slide guitar songs and I am available to teach those of you who wish to pick up a new skill. I have recorded a quick sample of what this guitar sounds like. The tune comes from Toby Walker who Is an American Blues player and an awesome musician. I hope you will enjoy this video.

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