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Here is another video from last week’s practice session. ┬áIn this video I focussed on getting the tone of my currently favourite guitarist: Peter Green. I am playing here some Peter Green inspired licks you can learn from my London Blues Guitar Programme using my 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard with out of phase pickups just like in Peter Green’s original guitar. In my opinion the unusual pickup configuration in Peter Green’s guitar is not everything you will need in order to get this authentic sound late 60’s sound. You will also need to crank your valve amp to full volume and use loads of reverb. I am using a small 5 watt Blackstar HT5 with a 2×12 Custom Made Cabinet with Celestion V30 Speakers. The little purple box on the top is a power attenuator by THD Electronics. It allows to bring the volume down to the reasonable neighbour friendly level.

Peter Green Amp


In my opinion you don’t need an original Les Paul to get this great Peter Green sound, I recall having a student with a Les Paul Copy by Vintage. It sounded pretty good to me. If you are on a tight budget invest in power attenuator and smaller valve amp you will be able to operate at maximum volume. A lot of tone of Peter Green is actually in his fingers, his phrasing and attack so I recommend learning guitar as well because the gear is not everything.

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