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Do I buy a regular acoustic, electric or classical guitar?

Would you like to learn guitar but don’t know which guitar  is right for you? I have created a brief outline of each guitar below:

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The classical guitar has a smaller body, strung with nylon strings and has a much wider neck than an electric or regular acoustic guitar. The classical guitar works well with classical music, spanish music or even some jazz). Classical guitars aren’t suited very well to a folk or rock context as it hasn’t been designed with strumming big chords in mind. This type of guitar is much quieter than usual but has a much warmer tone in comparison to a regular acoustic guitar. On the other hand these guitars are recommended to complete beginners because the string tension is minimal and it’s a very comfortable instrument to play.

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The regular acoustic guitar has a much bigger body, has a narrower neck and is strung with steel strings that provide a much louder sound. The steel strings have more tension to them so it’s a bit harder to play as a begginer compared to classical guitar. On the other hand you can do all sorts of things you can’t achieve that well on a classical such as strumming chords, finger picking and soloing efficiently. This guitar is used extensively in any modern genre from folk to rock music.









The electric guitar is an instrument that is primarily made from a solid piece of wood (a solid body guitar). It has a much longer neck compared to both acoustic and classical. The neck is similar to an acoustic guitar and the strings are made of steel also. The electric guitar is much quieter than the other types of guitar unless you plug it in to an amplifier that can make the volume vary from extremely loud to a more bedroom friendly level. This instrument can be used in jazz, country, rock and metal as well as many more styles! It’s very versatile as you can play both rhythm and solo parts with the electric guitar efficiently. Contrary to common wisdom it’s very easy to physically play the electric guitar from the very beginning as opposed to an acoustic guitar which can be quite tricky to hold the strings down.

Which one is right for me?

What music are you into? What are the instruments used by your idols? If you are into acoustic folk type playing get yourself an acoustic guitar. If you listen to any form of rock then go for an electric.

If you like classical music the choice is obvious. A lot of people think that it’s good to start on an acoustic guitar even if you want to play rock music. I recommend going for the electric right away as this will get you to where you want to be faster to the ultimate goal of playing electric rock guitar.

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