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I have recorded this spontaneous jam last week during my guitar practice session. It inspired me to write this post about benefits of learning blues guitar licks. In the video below I am using  a lot of techniques and licks that are part of my blues guitar programme and ‘Lick of the week project‘. Learning guitar licks is an essential part of blues guitar vocabulary. Some people argue that guitar students should be able to understand what they are doing first before learning to play but I disagree. I think it’s best to be able to play music first and then understand how it works.

Here are great things about learning blues licks:

  1. they work in any key providing you know how to use them
  2. they sound great since they have been tried and tested in many different songs before
  3. they mix easily so that you can create countless combinations.
  4. they address important notes of the key and chords of the song you are playing
  5. they are fairly easy to copy
  6. they give you confidence as a player
  7. they give opportunity to use different phrasing techniques like bend,vibrato,slide and many more…

I hope you will like the jam I have recorded last week. It hasn’t been edited so it’s 100% improvised.

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