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The correct posture to use when playing the guitar is massively overlooked by the guitarist of any non-classical genre. These musicians have associated this type of practice with classical guitar players but this does not mean that this method of holding the guitar is just for classical guitarists! Whether you play pop, jazz, rock or metal music this position will drastically help you to improve your technique! You don’t have to play classical guitar in order to sit and hold the guitar in the correct position.

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Here are some tips about correct guitar posture. Sit straight on the edge of the chair or a stool. Do not rest on the back of the chair! Get a foot stool -it costs about £5-10 on eBay. Place your left foot if you are right handed and do opposite when you are left handed. Some people use it for the wrong leg. Keep your fretting thumb behind the neck in the centre or below.  Don’t wrap your fretting hand thumb around the neck. If your guitar instructor does that it means he will teach you all his bad habits. Run away and seek a professional guitar teacher. The final thing stay as relaxed as possible. That applies to both hands your shoulders. Also breathe normally;-)

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