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Hi There.

I would like to show you today how fun is to play rock songs on acoustic guitar. In a video below you will see my students Andrea and Lynn playing acoustic version of ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC !  at Wimbledon School of Guitar Show: Rock Goes Acoustic that took place in SW London on the 16.02.2013 . I know that a lot of people out there, maybe even you have started playing guitar on acoustic but you really wanted to play on electric. The good news is that playing electric is much easier and any skill acquired on acoustic is transferrable.

Students Andrea and Lynn talking about their first live performance

Andrea, Lynn and Ben playing Man on the moon by REM 

Andrea and Lynn performing  acoustic version of AC/DC – Highway to Hell

(arranged by Andrea) 

Andrea and Lynn playing their acoustic version of Prince – Purple Rain

Andrea and Ben playing Rod Stewart’s Maggie May

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