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Learning guitar on your own can be very confusing and frustrating.

London Guitar Lessons

The common problems beginner students have are:

  • confidence that it’s possible to learn guitar
  • tuning up the guitar
  • holding the guitar correctly
  • playing chords cleanly
  • changing chords on time
  • choosing the right songs to learn (learning difficult songs too early can knock your confidence in learning the guitar)
  • lack of ability to strum rhythms
  • not knowing what and how to practice to get better
  • lack of experience
  • lack of structure and good guitar practice habits
  • too much irrelevant on-line information how to learn guitar

But imagine how easy it would be if:

  • You had someone to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Someone to correct your mistakes immediately.
  • Someone to teach you favourite songs in easy to follow steps.
  • Imagine how much time you could save and how great it would feel to play your favourite songs without worrying that you are playing them incorrectly.

Top Three Benefits of Lessons With Me:

Guitar lessons for beginners london
  • Lessons will be structured around your music interests and your current skill level.
  • You will learn things in the right order and all lesson content will be always accurate
  • You will know exactly what and how to practice between your lessons to achieve results you were looking for.

More benefits of taking beginner guitar lessons with me:


Build confidence and learn guitar at your own pace

Confidence is not something we were born with. Confidence is the muscle that requires time and practice to grow.  In lessons with me you will go through many different musical situations and challenges that will help to grow your confidence as a musician and beyond. With me you will be learning guitar at your own pace and we will find the way to make your learning fun but at the same time we will cover all necessary techniques and build skill set required to play your favourite songs. Once you build a fair repertoire of your favourite songs and play them well,  you will see the proof that guitar is for you and it was your destiny to become a musician and an ententainer. If you already play but feel like you are lacking confidence I will show you what to do to feel more comfortable playing in front of friends or even in public if performing is your ambition.

Save Money

how much are guitar lessons in London

Taking lessons with me will help you to save money! You won’t have to buy any books or DVD’s and on-line guitar subscriptions that don’t work ! Lessons with an experienced guitar teacher with proven track record are worth at least 10 times more than lessons with a beginner guitar instructor who might charge you less. So the good news is that if you stick around with me for minimum three months and you practice in between lessons you will become a campfire rockstar with a fair amout of songs you could play to your friends and relatives. You will be able to play your favourite songs without worrying that you are playing them incorrectly.

Save time

struggling to find time to practice guitar

How great it would be to have unlimited time to do things we enjoy… Unfortunately it is not going to happen. With your work, children, friends, football, gym or jogging there is not much time left to figure out how to play guitar.  I can help you with that. I will help you to save time learning guitar by showing you exactly what and how to practice. All you need to do is show up for your lessons and spend at least 30-60 minutes a day to play between lessons.

With me you will break the habit of making excuses not to practice guitar


Learning guitar as an adult is logistically challenging and after the initial excitment and intense practice that lasts for about three weeks you might find it difficult to fit in your guitar practice. With me you will always stay on the right track. Here is why: We will set up some attainable musical goals and we will be meeting regularly to go through your favourite songs. Because you will see the progress, you will get more into practicing and playing.

Get motivation and encouragement to explore music and become the best guitar player you can be!


Have you tried teaching yourself guitar for a while without success and you noticed how demotivated and frustrated and low you felt about yourself? With me you will always get encouragement and motivation to practice. I enjoy helping students reaching their musical goals.

Learn in a low pressure environment from a highly experienced and dedicated guitar teacher and musician.


Your lessons will be held at my home studio where I teach privately or in very small groups. There are no expectations or judgement on your progress because I understand that people learn at different speeds. I carefully choose students for my groups and match them according to skill level, musical interests and musical goal

Meet people in your your situation

My students get the opportunity to meet and jam together at student events and workshops. I also teach in small group classes at my home studio. This will give you an opportunity to see how other people deal with their struggles at guitar. What mistakes they make and how did they manage to overcome them. Making music with other people improves your rhythm and it’s more fun than playing on your own.

london guitar lessons and workshops

Ready to give it a go? Contact me now to get started!

Contact me to book your first guitar lesson. We will meet up to discuss your unique situation. and talk about your goals. In case you never played before I will teach you some nice easy beginner tunes to show you that you too can become the best guitar player you can be;-)

If you already play but struggle with the basics we will try to correct things in your playing straight away so that when you get home after your first lesson you will know exactly what to do to improve.

If you decide that lessons with me won’t work for you it’s okay too. There’s no pressure to commit yourself to more lessons if you didn’t enjoy the experience. But it’s always good to try first! Please check my student testimonials to see what others say about my lessons.

Please use the contact form below to book your first lesson:

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The videos below show students at different skill levels playing together at my student event. Some of them have started only a year ago and today they can jam with more advanced players who have been playing for many years. Playing guitar socially is very rewarding and I provide those opportunities to my students quite regularly.

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