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Hi There

It has been really busy here since early December last year. I didn’t get ¬†chance to give any updates from my very busy student Chris. Chris has been working on building his repertoire, performing at Tooting Tram and Social Open Mic and playing at early December student workshop(I will write a separate post about it). He has also recorded recently his own version of The Eagles classic ‘Take it Easy”. Below check the studio version of The Eagles tune recorded at my studio and check our performance at Tooting Tram and Social Open Mic Night. ¬†If you like Chris want to develop your guitar skills and confidence as a guitar player and performer get in touch to arrange a free evaluation guitar lesson. Contact me using a contact form on the right hand side of the blog area.

Chris Performing ‘Take it Easy” by The Eagles

The Last Open Mic Night of 2013 at Tooting Tram and Social

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