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A lot of guitar students want to learn everything at once. I am talking about learning different music styles and different techniques. I think it is great to be this way but it is very damaging in my opinion as it doesn’t allow you to master anything one hundred per cent. I personally chose to be a rock guitarist who can play some melodic guitar solos with a bit of a speed here and there. I am also working really hard to become a better composer. My goal is also to play live and record some great albums.

Now what is your ultimate goal?

To help you understand better what I mean check this awesome video of Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick. In this video Chris is talking about his music education from the early age. What actually caught my attention is the fact that Chris is advocating to focus on one thing when you learn guitar as this helps you to master a certain skill. I thought it will be better if you hear it from someone more accomplished than myself:-)

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