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Building confidence to play guitar

Lack of confidence is the biggest challenge in life of probably 95% of Guitar players. Almost every guitarist regardless of his or her skill level suffers from lack of it. I too have a certain level of that in me as well as many more advanced guitar players out there or even professional guitarists. Michael Schenker of UFO in his early years is the best example I can think of.

The best way to deal with lack of this confidence is to play live as much as possible! The easiest way to get started is to invite some friends to your place and play in front of them, joining group guitar lessons, playing at open mic nights and jam nights. My students have found out that the best way to increase their confidence was playing at jam nights and student concerts I have organised in the past. Many of them only then realised that the fears they had were unreasonable.

There is also another way you can build your confidence. Start making videos of your playing. I am sure you can take the song to the level where you will feel happy and proud of yourself. Once you see yourself playing the song on the video you will probably gain more confidence as a player. I will be happy to help you build that confidence by showing you how to play the song correctly.  Once you feel confident about recording the song and you actually do it, you will feel great about yourself.  Here’s an example of the video I have recently recorded by myself. It felt great that I could play a song in one go!

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