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Here’s a way today’s beginner guitarist and not only can enhance their music abilities. About two years ago I have created a demonstration of Guitar Pro 6-Tab editing and playback software that helped me to hear music I supposed to be playing. Guitar Pro is a great tool as it gives you an instant feed back on the tab you are using. If it doesn’t sound right then at least you know you should not be learning a song using this particular tab you might have found on-line.  If you are more advanced you can notate your songs and hear the playback of multiple parts. I personally use it to create my music instructional materials. Now there is one negative site of Guitar Pro. It makes you lazy and don’t give you any incentives to learn how to read and understand music notation. From the point of view of someone who has learned guitar the hard way, I recommend you learn how to read standard notation as well.  Still use guitar pro as it is a fun thing to have and it will definitely point you at the right direction. It will hopefully help you to understand how written music supposed to sound like.

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