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I have recorded yesterday a short video of how to make minor pentatonic scale more interesting and entertaining to play. It will be a kind of ‘How to play like Zakk Wylde and Doug Aldrich’.  I had my guitar tuned a half step down and i played in the first position on the minor pentatonic scale.  Let me now in few words explain how the sequences work. The first step will be obviously learning the scale going up and down. Next step will be playing three steps of the scale up, then we go back to the second step and start ascending up the scale 3 steps higher , then we go back to the third step of the scale and we ascend again three steps up, then we go back to the fourth step and repeat the process until we reach the high E string.  Once we get there we reverse the process. This is what I call a sequence of ‘Threes’ . Later in the video I talk about the sequence of ‘Fours’ you have to basically go through the same process having four notes to ascend in the scale and then go back to the second, third, forth,fifth step to start again ascending four notes up.  The last example I am demonstrating is a sequence of ‘Threes and Fours’ mixed together in one sequence. As you can imagine we ascend first three notes up the scale , then go back to the second step and ascend four notes then do back to the third step to ascend three notes. This will be a really refreshing way of using your minor pentatonic scale. It should give you this Zakk Wylde Doug Aldrich vibe once you speed it up. I recommend practicing this in all positions of the minor pentatonic scale as well as Major Modes which might be trickier. Please let me know what do you think about the lesson, Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask the questions or leave the comment and hit the Facebook like button or share it with your friends.

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