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Have you lost your motivation to practice guitar ? You must watch  ‘It Might Get Loud’ to remind yourself what rock n’ roll is all about and why you originally took up the guitar. In the video below you can watch The Edge and Jack White completely blown away by the rare opportunity to have Jimi Page playing ‘Whole Lotta Love ‘ in front of them!!! How many people can experience that? I think that those three guitarists although not very technical had something important to say with their music. Don’t miss out this movie.

Now do you remember when you first picked up the guitar? How great it felt? Even though you couldn’t play anything it was so cool to hold it. This is how I felt. Do you remember what made you get your first guitar? I bet it was the desire to release the music that is in yourself. Now I know and you know that playing guitar is not easy so all you need to do is to practice and have fun. I hope this clip will inspire you to practice again:-)

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