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Learning guitar as a complete beginner can be really frustrating.You have to coordinate both hands and it seem like it takes a lot of time to make things sound really good. I can relate because I consider myself a s a slow learner and I really struggled at the beginning.

Recently I have come across a pretty funny video that is popular on YouTube -It’s titled ‘The Angriest Guitar Player In The World” The video shows a gentleman trying to learn a song but it doesn’t work for him really well so he swears a lot and smashes few guitars while attempting to play it. I had a lough for a bit but then I felt really sorry for him. It seems like the chap who is giving him some instruction or encouragement(false encouragement-in my opinion) is not helping him a t all. I would like to give you some tips on how not to practice guitar which I will base on this video. Watch it first. This video is not suitable for children, It contains a lot of swearing and a bit of violence. Click on the image below to play it

WORLD's Angriest Guitarist



























You are going to laugh probably a few times. But I want to take it seriously. I will point out the biggest mistakes made by this chap that prevented him from playing this tune.

The very first thing to point out is posture – when he is sitting down the guitar is on the wrong leg. I would recommend changing it to classical guitar posture -I do it as a rock guitar player. It works really well. The second thing I would consider is learning how to change chords with the left hand only without using the right hand. I will go from one chord to another back and forth to get comfortable with changes. The best and the easiest way to play this song will be using finger picking. I will show this gentlemen right hand finger patterns so that he wouldn’t struggle with the pick. Now in case he wanted to use a plectrum I would ask him to watch the right hand -0 something he doesn’t really do and something that is really a core of his problem.  Before chord changes I would probably ask him to play these chords as arpeggio with a pick separately until he really nails the right hand movement. One more thought. It will be great to practice this song slower. Final thought will be to tune this bloody thing properly as its out of tune or possibly he is pressing the left hand fingers to hard on the fretboard which causes tuning problems.

There is something I really like about this chap. He seems to be areal music lover – he has some nice collection of CD’s and he has bands t-shirts – I think he was just very unlucky to work with some unprofessional teacher who is just taking a piss. That is how I see it.

Let me give you few more tips about practicing guitar. I reckon that too many people rush things too much and want to learn too many things at once. I would pick up two practice topics per one session and focus on solving only one problem at the time. I will commit to give a purpose to solving one tiny problem every time I practice- I actually do it this way. You can try too. This is something I have learned fro guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert. I hope you enjoyed this tip about practicing guitar. Leave a comment if you like.

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