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Here is a video from a masterclass I did back in early 2011 at Jonathan Vipond School of Guitar now renamed to Music Nation in Leeds. In this video I am discussing my picking technique known as directional picking. You might wonder ‘why it is important to pay attention to your technique’ or ‘is it too advanced for me?’ My answer is that paying attention to your guitar technique makes your playing effortless and more fun and it can be exercised at any level. In fact it’s better to start using it as a complete beginner. I was unlucky to learn it after 13 years of playing guitar. So I had to unlearn what I knew before….

Alternate picking or Directional picking/economy picking?

I reckon it’s great to know both techniques. I mainly use directional picking unless the music that I am playing implies using alternate picking. Whichever technique you might use it’s ok. I reckon that the most important thing is to start paying attention to those things which I hope will happen after watching this presentation.

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