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Do you feel that learning and playing guitar on your own in your bedroom sucks? It’s kind of alright at the beginning when you can’t really play that well parts of the song you are learning but it becomes a big problem once you have everything nailed. The biggest problem is that when you play on your own you can’t hear other parts of the song since there is no drummer , bass player and singer to make the whole thing sound like a song. Perhaps the guitar part you have just learned sounds nothing like a song you love once played alone?  This doesn’t feel like fun!

What if you meet someone who is learning guitar just like you? Someone who has the same musical interests as you do. Why not to team up with someone and maybe learn some different guitar parts to make the song you are playing more enjoyable and more interesting. Perhaps the person you are about to meet is a singer as well? That will solve your problem of having someone to sing!  Perhaps that person knows a drummer or even a bass player? Supposedly you are getting on well and you improve at the similar pace… Do you think that it could turn into a band one day?

Here are my thoughts about benefits of playing and making music with other people:

Motivation to practice and improve is higher than when you study alone and have nobody to compare to or learn from

Positive peer pressure. When you practice alone there is no incentive to get good, therefore your morale is very low.

It can be done at any skill level.  If you play in a group of people you are not required to do some fancy stuff -team playing is one of the main factors that matters. Playing in a band requires sometimes to restrict yourself and your guitar parts.

Playing an instrument with other people reveals your strengths and weaknesses and reveals what truly matters in learning the guitar and what doesn’t matter as much. Perhaps right now you are spending hours of practice on things that do not matter at all to band situation. Think for example about timing which is a fundamental element of music.

Playing with others is easier than on your own.  Playing with people reduces the pressure that is present when you play on your own. The attention is directed more towards the whole group of people which make it a low pressure event.

Making music with other people is more fun. The social element of playing is very important. You can actually meet some interesting people who will make you lough when you need it.

Making music with other people generates some new ideas. The best songwriting usually happens in a collective arrangement. Think John Lennon and Paul McCartney!

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