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Congratulations to all hard working students taking part in the recent jam night workshop. The aim of this workshop was to learn how to listen while playing with other musicians and how to play in time. The jam sessions in reality are never spontaneous because musicians always prepare their pieces in advance. I suggest that you build your repertoire of songs just like my students did. That way you will be able to jam wit like-minded people who happen to know the same songs you do;-)

In this first video you will see Alan who is a school teacher jamming with Mike the sax player and Mike, oil industry entrepreneur, at the end of the video young Layla sings one f her favourite songs first time ever in public! 

In this video Beth jamming with Aidan, Layla Phil the bassist and Phil the drummer. They are playing Cocaine by Eric Clapton, Then Beth And Lauren playing White Room by Eric Clapton followed by Smoke on the water by Paul and Me 

Here is a fantastic version of Lucille played by Alan, Mike guitarist and Mike Sax Player, Then Beth Alan and Mike do their own version of Clapton’s Cocaine 

In this video you will see Simon on lead guitar playing fantastically the GnR Sweet Child o Mine, with Lauren on Vocals, Danielle on rhythm guitar,Phil on Bass and phil on drums! Then We have Chris The Rocking Accountant playing Neil Young’s Rocking in The Free World with Simon on vocals. After that we have Peter , Danielle’s Dad helping me out in Black Sabbath’s Paranoid together with Beth and Lauren on vocals! 

Big thank you to all students who attended as well as Edem and Rod who were sitting in the audience and getting inspired for the future performances.

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