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I would like to show you a short preview from recent guitar clinic with Jamie Humphries. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jamie for a great and inspiring presentation of his guitar techniques and guitar style as well as sharing with us the story of his music journey. I have also included a feedback from some of my students who attended the clinic. Thank you all who showed up for supporting this event. By doing so you have supported the future events and gave me confidence to continue inviting more awesome guitar players.  I will be shortly announcing another great guest so stay tuned.




Hi Greg (and Jamie), I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. It was a pleasure to hear Jamie playing and I learned loads. I’ve now got lots of stuff to work on, some better perspective on what it really takes to get good at guitar and being a musician, ideas for overlaying chords and scales, and a bunch of other stuff. For me, it really underlined the importance of thinking in intervals rather than shapes and chords, that was a real message for me. Gonna have to take my playing apart and start putting it back together away from my box shapes 🙂 Oh, and starting with rhythm for creative ideas and improvisation is something I kind of knew about but had *not* really been able to apply. Seeing Jamie do it yesterday showed me how easy it actually is though and the power that it brings, so that’s another mental breakthrough for me that I got directly from this class. Thanks to both of you! Andy






An apposite choice of room made the event all the more engaging. Too often a class uses an inappropriately sized room and that only distances yourself from the music. By sitting at the front it was far easier to engage and believe that questions were worthwhile. I always think that the measure of a good event is how quickly time passes and on that count this succeeded. The offer to buy Jamie’s tutorial DVDs was another added bonus as too often music events are spoilt by there being no incentive to consolidate what has been learn
Jamie is living proof that virtually anyone who made it in life is eccentric. The philosopher J S Mill once wrote that ‘the amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to … metal vigor, and courage which it contained’. His demonstrations captured my attention and confirmed me the sheer scope of the instrument. I expected someone who had made guitar playing a creed and that’s what I witnessed. Like all those who pursued their dreams, he was willing to make a sacrifice. His anecdotes on his mundane job in a factory reminded me that almost all of us start humbly, it’s how we play the hand we’re dealt with that will decide our lives.
What I found most interesting his view that one has to learn the language of music to truly express themselves as a player. I like to call it learning ‘Guitalish’ myself. And like learning any language, perseverance and joy in it are imperative.
I will definitely recommend people coming to future guitar clinic. However, I would recommend that all prospective ‘applicants’ to the clinic prepare some questions. I was impressed by how one member of the audience asked a fair share of incisive questions that enhanced the class. Also, even if the clinic’s guest isn’t to your tastes, do not make that a reason not to go. The art of guitar is very much holistic and to over-specialise will do you no favours. If anything, seeing people with other ideas may inspire your own seemingly conflicting way of playing.
The key to success in Guitar playing is perseverance. There is no substitute for constant and long-term practice. Jamie got to where it is not really because of great fortune or any other social factor but because he had perseverance and motivation which the vast majority would not dream of, let alone be willing to attempt. This has taught me that only when I follow this attitude to guitar player that I will become the player I’m capable of becoming.





I found the chord theory really interesting, I had never heard of CAGED before and Jamie made it very clear and easy to understand. Song demonstrations were obviuosly very intertaining as he is such a talanted musician and I felt very inspired when I left. Jamie has a lovely modest approach, he is entertaining and engaging, I could have listened to him all day.  A very educational and entertaining afternoon, I look forward to the next one. Lynn
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