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Hi There, I would like to introduce you to my student Kleber, originally from Italy!  Kleber is a fan of instrumental guitar playing , mostly Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. He is also interested in jazz and fusion. Wh have been focussing with Kleber on navigation of the fretboard and memorising scales and their application. We have been also discussing and applying various guitar phrasing concepts as well as working on more advanced techniques such as sweep picking arpeggios and tapping.

“I started working on guitar with Greg few weeks ago. I was playing guitar for long time, but I never understand its secrets and how all the scales and modes work on the fretboard. Now everything is more clear thanks to him, If I had met him long time ago, maybe now all my guitar skills would have been different and much more better. Thank you very much….” Kleber Battaglia

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