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Here’s a cool and easy rockabilly blues lick in the key of A. This lick is located within the first position of the minor pentatonic but it’s not actually a minor pentatonic scale. The best way is to learn the lick and try to apply it over chord 1. ┬áIt’s really handy in faster tempo rock n’roll and rockabilly tracks and probably some more energetic blues or blues rock songs. If you need help understanding how to play blues or rock get in touch to beook a free evaluation guitar lesson to discuss your challenges at guitar.

Now for your enjoyment check out the videos of my band doing Rockabilly and Rock n Roll! The tracks are: Rock This Town by Stray Cats, Blue Suede Blues by Carl Perkins(Also Elvis Presley), Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry and That’s Alright Mama by Carl Perkins(Also Elvis).

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