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I would like to share with you a song recorded by my student, 17 year old Layla. Layla has been studying with me for about four years and you might remember her from the February’s Rock Goes Acoustic Show in South Wimbledon at William Morris Pub.

Recording the song
The song was originally written by Lucy Rose and it’s called ‘Shiver’ below played on guitar and sung by Layla. We have recorded this song at my teaching studio last Thursday during Layla’s lesson. There are four guitar tracks (two electric and two acoustic) and four different vocal tracks that consist of the main vocal and harmonies in the chorus. I am hoping that this song will help Layla to find a band which is our plan;-) Please get in touch if you need a good and reliable guitar player and the singer;-)

Lucy Rose ‘Shiver’ performed by my student Layla:

The original version of ‘Shiver’ performed by Lucy Rose:


The track has been mixed and mastered by my good friend Marcin Pajak who is a great guitar player and sound engineer track ‘Shiver’ has been written originally by Lucy Rose and our version is not intended to be used commercially

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