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Chris Proving That Accountants Can Rock:

I would like to announce the winner of the most improved student of the month competition. This month November 2012 the winner is Chris. Chris is a chartered accountant  during the day and a part-time rock star guitarist and entertainer in the evenings. Chris has been studying with me for nearly four years. He is a fan of classic rock and indie rock. Chris plays both acoustic and electric guitar. In our recent lessons we have been concentrating on acoustic guitar playing and I was surprised how well Chris was doing!  I am rewarding Chris with an additional free guitar lesson like I do every month with the best students.

Chris’s favourite bands are Kings of Leon, The National, White Lies, Paul Weller and The Jam, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Amy MacDonald.

I have decided to reward Chris for the amount of progress he has made recently and his proactivity outside the lessons. We played together with Chris at various events including Wimbledon Common Fair, Playing at Trafalgar Arms pub in Tooting, Jamming at Student Workshop. We are now preparing for an acoustic show in February 2013. The theme of the Show is Rock Goes Acoustic.


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