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I would like to announce the most improved student of September! This time the winner is Gavin! Gavin has been taking lessons with me for three months and we have been mostly working on his metal rhythm guitar skills. I have decided to reward him for his hard work and persistence in reaching his short term objectives. We have been going through  the material from Metal Rhythm Guitar Book by Troy Stetina, vol 1. Highly recommended method for any rock rhythm guitarist. We focussed on playing in time, playing cleanly at maximum gain which is not easy!!!.We have also covered palm muting technique. We also covered the rhythm part of Sweet Child o Mine by Guns n’  Roses. If  Gavin continues putting enough hours of practice per day you might see or hear him playing in a band! I look forward to jamming with this guy at next jam night! You will definitely see the improvement between now and then.

I have included below a short video testimonial from Gavin and some footage from his performance at his first jam night!

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