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I want to share with you the best book about music that I have ever read!!!

Music it is not a science. To understand it , it is not enough to learn music theory and practice a lot! Of course I am not saying that you can now stop practicing and learning music theory- doing these things is essential and there is no other way around it. Learning those things is actually fun. I want to tell you about something else. Music for every one means something personal and it does make us feel good. Because we are all different we have something unique to offer while making music. I want you to get this book as this will inspire you to become a good musician. And to be a good musician you don’t have to be the best guitar player on the planet. It is enough to enjoy making music and have fun.The Music Lesson will teach you some University level concepts in a fun and easy going way. Visit Victor Wooten’s page to listen a free chapter from this book read by the man himself: MUSIC LESSON

London Guitar Lessons

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