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I have been given a while ago a great book that motivated me to practice guitar harder and pursue my efforts to become a great guitar player. This book is written by Matthew Syed, British table tennis champion who is currently pursuing his writing career as well as making his motivational speaking appearances.  More info here:  The subtile of the book tells it all: The Myth of Talent and the power of practice.  If you are interested in becoming a great guitar player you need to improve the way you practice your instrument as well as put enough practice time. In Matthew Syed’s book this practice is referred to as ‘purposeful practice’ . You might also come across terms such as ‘deliberate practice’ or ‘deep practice’  Because I want you to actually read this book I am not going to reveal too much but I can tell you this: Name an extraordinary guitarist – maybe Yngwie Malsmteen or Paul Gilbert – I can promise you they have applied the principles described in this book. These principles are universal to any area of your life where purposeful practice and the right amount of time can turn you into a champion. I hope you will have time to read this book and you will enjoy my recommendation


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