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Do you often find yourself in a situation when you don’t know what to practice on guitar and you end up playing the same old things?  Perhaps you practice a lot of different things but you are not getting anywhere? Do you feel like you are not pushing yourself enough and you are not making much progress in your playing?

Learning to play guitar is very hard and it requires a lot of time and high quality deliberate practice( practice focussed on solving problems). Struggling is a part of of the process of learning guitar and although is not a comfortable place to be – it is a good place to be if you want to improve. Only people who don’t struggle get nowhere, people who struggle on purpose become great players.

I think that no matter what is your current skill level you should always practice things you don’t like practicing. It is very likely that those things you avoid practicing hold you back from getting better. The problem is that practicing these things isn’t often fun. To make it fun you will have to be probably more creative about how you practice and understand reasons why you practice. You can also contact a professional guitar instructor to show you fun ways of practicing guitar.

A lot of guitar players practice guitar without  purpose. Each practice session they do is a set of mindless exercises or some random chord changes. This isn’t good enough!  I recommend to focus each practice session on solving  problems. I recommend choosing one little thing that you can work once at the time. Each day try to remove one problem from your guitar playing. It is about making baby steps every day of your music life.

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