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I have found this picture on Facebook the other day. It is very true that nowadays people got too convenient about things and they prefer to be in the virtual World of YouTube and other social media platforms instead of moving their ass to see a live band or solo artist playing a gig or even some open mic locally. If you are learning how to play guitar,  do yourself a favour and go out check other musicians and give them your support – perhaps they will return your favour one day if you need an audience to listen to your guitar playing. Live music venues put live music because they are hoping to get some revenue from  selling alcohol to people who support the band.  That is what they are all about.  Bars are to sell beer or spirits you are to support live bands! If you choose to stay at home don’t be surprised that next time you go to the bar or club you hear some crap dance music. And be sure that when it happens it’s all your fault!

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