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Have you ever been injured and you couldn’t play or practice guitar?  Guess what that is not an excuse to practice anymore. You can still practice technique if you are  able to move at least one of your hands.  If your left hand is fine you can practice your legato technique and chords or if your right hand is okay and your left hand suffer you can still do some picking exercises. On the top of that you can still do some ear training exercises and study music theory. You can also work on tapping rhythms  or learning how to write music.

Remember that an experienced guitar teacher who has taught many students can help you to improve your guitar playing despite your injuries.  Below you can check how my student Theo practice legato technique while recovering from broken collarbone. Theo puts in shame all guitar slackers who make any possible excuse not to practice.

Here is a short video diary from Theo’s progress on legato technique so far we are on week 3 and on Monday we will shoot the video from week 4

Week: 1 ( just a couple days after the accident)

Week: 2

Week: 3


Update: This is the final week of Theo’s legato exercises. While it sucks to be injured it has some benefits. Due to Theo’s inability to use the right hand we FOCUSSED on his left hand technique that drastically improved his legato playing. They key to succeed is to FOCUS on something! This is where so many guitar players struggle to become better. Enojy the final episode of this diary. I would like to point out that Theo has more control in his left hand and he improved his muting technique as well. 


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