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I would like to announce the winner of the competition for the most improved student of the month! This month the prize goes to Deborah!

We have been working with Deborah on her guitar playing  for almost a year! In fact on the first anniversary is on the 2nd of November!  Here is why I feel that Deborah should be rewarded with the price:

-Deborah has made a tremendous progress at guitar and became a confident guitar player. ( I would like to add that I can not take all the credit for her playing since she could play before)

-Deborah is always prepared for lessons and she does practice a lot!

-Deborah inspires other students to play guitar and practice and write songs!

-Deborah kicks ass at sight reading – she even kicked my ass at it!

-Deborah joined Lauren’s band and she writes her own songs and she has organised many informal jam sessions with other students

Deborah-Guitar lessons in Wimbledon Student of the month

I believe that Deborah will be a great  asset to any music project and she is a reliable person to work with so she ticks all the boxes as a professional musician! I hope one day she will become one! I actually wanted to reward Deborah as a student of the year but I didn’t have this contest running for long enough so maybe I we will leave it till a next year!

Guys keep checking this site to follow Deborah’s journey to Rock n Roll hall of fame!

Deborah thank you for being such a great student and a friend ! 😉


Deborah Wimbledon School of Rock Student

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