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I would like to introduce you to my student Dan who is a fan of classic rock, mainly Pink Floyd, his favourite guitar player is obviously David Gilmour. We have been working together with Dan on his lead guitar skills and phrasing. I have asked Dan to share with you his experience from our guitar lessons.


I’ve been receiving lessons from Greg since April’ish this year. I only began my “real” focus on learning the guitar this January. Greg has done a great job in both inspiring after each and every session to continue learning and maintain my interest and improve my technique. His lessons are always fresh, new, but he does check up on if I’m doing what we previously covered and if he see’s I’m lacking He will be honest and will again work on this weakness with me until I get it right.One thing I appreciate a lot with Greg is, his critique, He is honest with identifying my weaknesses and what I can improve on, and he tells me how I can do it, and will keep at it til he see’s me improving. That’s something I value in the guitar lessons as there’s no sugar coating, if there’s a weakness He will (very humourly and politely) identify and improve it.

Greg is very skilled in his guitar playing and does pass a lot of his knowledge onto students. As i said, he keeps his lessons fresh and gives time to improve, whilst also covering other aspects.He’s also pretty flexible with his lessons, if there’s something you feel you need to work on, he’ll help you. Over the few months, with Greg’s help and enthusiasm I can honestly say I’ve made a improvement with my playing.

Dan J

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