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Would you like to write a song but you don’t know how to get started? Perhaps you have already written some songs but they all sound the same? Maybe you think that song writing requires some super natural skills and massive knowledge of music theory? The truth is that anybody can write a song what you need is just 3-4 chords. See the proof in the video below.

Can really everyone write a song?  Yes, You just need minimum knowledge of chords to get started. Obviously there is more to it than just 4 chords to write a good song, but that is what the song writing course is for. Now just to prove to you that I know what I am talking about browse thoroughly my artist page Greg X Music or google ‘Greg X-Dream‘ to read my album reviews from all over the World. I practice what I preach!

If this video gave you an inspiration to have a go at songwriting, I would like to hear from you!

Who are these song writing classes for? If you are a beginner player and you know basic open guitar chords you should be able to take part. I can always make an assessment prior the beginning of the course. The good thing about these classes is that you don’t need to be a really advanced player. As a matter of fact this course is more for beginner and intermediate players. This course is not limited to guitar. You can join if you play the keyboards, bass or any other instrument that plays chords. The classes are limited to 4 people per group only and they give all the benefits of private lessons such as my personal attention, You will also benefit from the presence of other students and take full advantage of their instruments to write  different parts for them. The good thing about song writing courses with me is that you really don’t need to know how to read music to be a part of it.  Many successful musicians don’t know how to write and read music!  Songwriting is another skill that can be learned. Anything that is holding you back musically can be taught by your request and there is no reason to be embarrassed about not knowing something. I am here to help;-)

London Song Writing Lessons

Songwriting Classes London

Minimum requirements.

For guitarists: You need to be able to play basic open chords on the guitar – If you still can’t do that I recommend my beginner guitar lessons first. Contact me for more details.

Other instrumets: You need to be able to play all major and minor chords on your instrument

I am am a living proof that almost anyone can write a song. No need to have a special gift or natural talent. I will show you all songwriting techniques I have learned through 17 years of playing an instrument, studying from great teachers and composers as well as World’s acclaimed musicians I have been recording music for my album ‘Dream’ and ‘Under The Same Sky’ CD

To find out more about song writing classes in London send me a message using a contact form on the top right side of the page.  Alternatively call me on 07824 366014


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