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Today I got inspired by one of my guitar students who came to me after a week of practice and he demonstrated in his playing at least one month’s worth of progress he has made since the last lesson! He practiced guitar exactly the way I asked and he paid attention to all details I pointed out in our recent guitar lessons.

As a result of this inspiring event that completely blown me away I came up with an idea of the competition for: ‘Most Improved Student of The Month’

How to become a student of the month?

I want to work with highly motivated people who put an effort and want to become great guitar players. I want to be inspired by my students like this guy to become a better teacher and help people reach their goals faster to have more fun while making music. I also want to have more fun while teaching others so I desperately want to teach more highly motivated students who end up becoming great guitar players.

The Prize for Most Improved Student of The Month

The hard working winner will get a prize of an hour of free guitar lesson with me, that will be a great addition to your existing lesson plan. By having more lessons with me you will become a better guitar player sooner!

Ladies and Gentlemen! from now on, each month one of my students will be featured on Wimbledon School of Guitar website as a student of the month! The student of the month will be rewarded with a free private guitar lesson with me. I will also include a photo and short note explaining to everybody why I believe that particular person is the winner.

‘Wow!!! effect’

The only way to win the prize is to practice guitar hard enough to show progress and produce a ‘wow effect’! In order to be rewarded as student of the month you just need to show the amount of progress that will justify giving you the prize. I am the only judge and the progress is the only key to success!

You don’t have to be the best to be the best!

The good news is that you can be a complete beginner and still have a chance to win. You just need to show that you care and practice hard enough, so that I really feel that I should reward you for all your efforts to become a better guitar player.

You can become a winner by learning a chord change you couldn’t play before, or by memorising some new chords or by playing a scale at the certain speed. It’s all about pushing your playing to the next level.

How to enter the competition?

In order to enter the competition you must be my regular student on a monthly package with at least one lesson per week. All active students are automatically included in the competition so there is no need to apply however all new students will earn their right to enter the competition after one month of studying with me.

Why do I do it?

There are certain things and values in life that money can’t buy! I want to show you that I care about you and I am willing to invest some of my time for you free of charge to make you a better guitar player and musician. I also want to promote a certain way of learning guitar that is based on hard work and positive mindset. I hope you will become student of the month and become the guitar player you always wanted to be.

I do it also because I want have fun while teaching cool motivated people and make music together! Believe it or not but it’s quite tiring to work with unmotivated and negative people! So now grab your guitar and practice and I hope you will win the prize of Most Improved Student of The Month!

You are in charge of designing your luck so practice, practice, practice!


All the best


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