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I would like to introduce to you the winner of Most Improved Student of The Month at Wimbledon School of Guitar, This month the prize of an hour of free guitar lesson goes to Suzie who has been my student for over three years, of which two years were private and group lessons at my location in Wimbledon and for the past year via webcam guitar lessons on Skype.  I am rewarding Suzie because she has made a significant progress at improvising and guitar phrasing, she has also passed her grade exams through RockSchool.

As you can see webcam guitar lessons can be as effective as live guitar classes in studio. I highly recommend you guys check out some teachers who appeal to you in the way they play or teach. Perhaps if you like the way I do it you can also get in touch wherever you are in the World.  I am giving webcam guitar lessons to students in the UK and USA and New Zealand at the moment. I am also a webcam student myself taking lessons from Greg Howe!

Suzie The Most Improved Student of The Month


You can check here the old video of Suzie playing live on stage a while ago at the student concert in Wimbledon:

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