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Buying Female Friendly Guitars: What is the best guitar for a female beginner guitar player?

There are two reasons why female beginner guitar players struggle at guitar. Reason number one is: guitar is quite challenging for anyone regardless of their gender. Reason number two is: most beginner guitars are too big and not very user friendly. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! I thought I would put together this quick guide to help out all beginner female guitar players out there to choose their first guitar.

When it comes to learning guitar, the size of the instrument really matters. Most full size beginner acoustic guitars are quite chunky which make them quite hard to learn especially if you are small and your hands are tiny. To be quite honest with you most beginner guitars are hard to play even by a guy.

The easiest way to overcome the physical challenge of learning guitar is to go for a 3/4 size guitar.  They are usually recommended for children but recently they became more popular among adult guitar players. I have put together a list of my recommendations. Some of them are actually full sized guitars but they are a bit smaller than the usual guitars most beginners start with.

Budget Guitars Around £100-£200

Fender MA1 3/4 Size Steel String Acoustic Guitar. You could pick one for around £100. This is very basic ¾ size acoustic that will do the job if you are on a tight budget. I have never played one so can’t comment on quality of sound but in this case what matters is the size of it and the price. Also it’s sold under Fender brand which should guarantee some level of quality control.

Yamaha JR2 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar. You can get it for £105 on Amazon! Yamaha makes good quality budget guitars. I have never played a bad Yamaha model. This guitar is very affordable and I think it comes with a free gig bag! I have never played this one so you will have to probably take a chance, go to the music shop to try one or just watch the video below:

Fender Sonoran 3/4 Mini Acoustic Guitar. You could pick one for around £125. One of my students has one so I had a chance to play it. It’s good for female guitar players as well as children. It’s very playable and portable. It will be good for beginner. I will call it an ‘okay guitar’ that is still 10 times better than most beginner guitars in that price range.

Guitar For Female Beginner

Ibanez PF58 Travel Acoustic Guitar. Retails for £115. I have never tried this one but Ibanez has good reputation and quality control. I have owned an electric Ibanez and I was really happy with it. Definitely good budget guitar that will do the job!

Yamaha APXT2 Travel Guitar. You could pick one for around £160. I have played many full sized Yamaha APX’s which are quite small by the way and you should give them a try as well. This one I haven’t actually played but I reckon they are as good as full sized APX’s. They really sound great when you plug them in to an amp. They are still in ‘okay guitar’ range. Still pretty good for beginners.

Fender Newporter Traveler. You should be able to pick it for under £200. This one is very similar to Fender Fender Sonoran 3/4 Mini Acoustic Guitar. I didn’t get a chance to play this model but I reckon it’s just upgraded version of it with better quality wood and hardware. This is the top of the range in this category!

Acoustic Guitars Over £200:

Taylor Baby Acoustic Travel Guitar, Retails for around £280. This is probably my favourite guitar! It’s cute sounds great and it is very affordable considering the fact that is made by Taylor, who makes expensive guitars! I love the size, the tone and build quality. I would probably get this one myself if I had room for another guitar! I played many of these. You won’t need to upgrade this guitar when you get better. This is the only guitar you need. Comes with a really nice gig bag.

Yamaha APX500 Mk3, Retails for Around £290. This is a full size guitar that is actually quite small. The advantage of this guitar is that you can plug it in to an amp if you are planning to play in bands or play in public. The guitar sounds great plugged in. It’s fairly quiet compared to full sized guitars. This quitar is good enough for beginners or even more advanced players. It’s probably all you need for many years to come.

Little Martin Acosutic Guitar, Ratails for £345. I have played one! I have recommended to one of my female students to go for my favourite Baby Taylor but this is what she came back with! It’s as cute as Taylor and sounds equally good. It’s also more expensive but I could’t remember the difference between two of them.

Faith Naked Series Mercury Acoustic Guitar. Retails for £377. This actually a full size Parlour guitar. I absolutely love it! It has really big sound and it resonates really well due to the finnish on the guitar. I like the instruments with very little varnish. They resonate better. I had a chance to play this one and nearly bought one. I didn’t because my fiancée has a Faith mercury parlour guitar which is the upgraded version of this one.

Martin The Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition, Over £500. Here’s the last one top of the range. For fans of Ed Sheeran. Although I didn’t play this model I assume that they are as good as Baby Taylors and Little Martins. I am sure that this guitar is a good investment but it’s not entirely necessary to go for an expensive guitar like that if you are just starting out. If you go for it then it will last forever!

I hope you have found this little guide useful. I think that having the right sized guitar will definitely help you to overcome the physical challenges of playing guitar. 3/4 guitars are perfect present for anyone, male or female. Yes the guys also love cute little things;-). No wonder why all these videos feature men playing guitars...
If you need help in learning guitar I would be happy to offer you guitar lessons centered around your musical interests and goals. Please fill free to message me to arrange a free no obligation intro lesson to discuss your goals. Please use the contact form or just give me a call. Greg

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