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I have noticed that many on-line guitar teaching websites and so called high profile music schools focus too much on teaching as many scales and chords as possible. This is the way to prevent you from hitting these nasty wrong notes that will make you look like a complete idiot.  So to prevent all this humiliation you are supposed to memorise every possible scale that exist in music. You are supposed to posses the full control over music you make and not allow any unexpected  notes. You must be perfect and pure! This a typical mindset of an ego driven musician who in fact is a very insecure individual.

But what if it’s okay to play the wrong notes? What if there is no such thing as wrong note? What if it’s only some self-imposed limitation created by insecure players and music teachers? What if playing wrong notes is a sign of confidence or even musical freedom? What if musical freedom has nothing to do with being correct?

In the Video below Victor Wooten-an amazing bass player  is proving that so called wrong notes turn out to be the good ones!

How do you feel about yourself when you play a wrong note in your solo? Do you ever freak out when you hit the bum note on the guitar? Many guitarist feel really uncomfortable about wrong notes, especially in rock and metal. There is one exceptional guy who has done something remarkable in rock music. It’s Marty Friedman who came up with his own scales. For some untrained listener some of his notes sound wrong. But in reality is a matter of your music education and intuition. As a listener and musician you have the right to choose which notes sound right to you.

I hope this post will inspire you to relax and enjoy your music instead of making you feel frustrated and bad about yourself;-) Feel free to comment


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