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Wimbledon School of Guitar Rock Band Bootcamp (27.04.2012 from 6pm till 10pm)

Would you like to learn what is it like to be in a rock band?

Would you like to gain some live experience performing in front of other people?

Would you like to take part in an unforgettable music experience?

Would you like to meet like-minded and dedicated musicians from your local area?

If the answer is ‘yes’ read on…


Upon many requests from my current and former students I am organising a special one-off event for all guitar and music enthusiasts from London. This unique instructional session will give you an experience of a rock band rehearsal. You will also get a chance to make music with the full rock band line-up including drums, bass, guitars and vocals.


Benefits of joining Rock Band Bootcamp:

Great memories and lots of fun during and after the boot camp

Four hours of intense expert instruction on practicing in a rock band

Chance to perform perhaps for the first time in your life front of a small group of friendly and dedicated music lovers who face the same challenges as you do.

Low pressure way of getting into live performance.

Lots of motivation to practice and improve your skills before the event

Great way to overcome your stage fright.

Increase your self-esteem and get the sense of an achievement

Free video footage from your performance

Feed back on your guitar playing and encouragement from fellow guitar students.

Access to my advice during the event

Special Guest:


There will be a special guest announced a week before the event. My guest is a highly advanced musician who I personally admire for his extraordinary skills developed through years of practice and dedication to music. You will have an access to my guest and you are welcome to ask him any question related to your musicianship and progress. You wll be also coached by him during our instructional session.

Limited availability

To ensure everyone is getting enough attention there are only 15 slots available. My active students get the priority in booking their spot. I will also notify a large database of my former students who expressed their interest in any future music events.


If you are an active student your admission fee is £30 for four hour of intense instructional event. The admission fee for an inactive students or your guest is £40. All payments must be made in advance (“first pay first served” rule apply) The number of spots is final. There won’t be any additional slots available at this special one-off event. The fees are non refundable.


Negative consequences of not taking part in the rock boot camp

  • you will never learn to play in front of people or it will be much harder on your own
  • you will never overcome your stage fright
  • you will continue to question your music abilities
  • you wouldn’t feel you have achieved something meaningful to you

Support Your Local Music Scene

How many times did you complain that there is not much music going on in your local area?

London Guitar Lessons

I am building a local music scene in Wimbledon and you have a chance to be a part of it. Are you going to continue complaining that there is no live music around or are you are going to start making music and supporting all music activities? 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this event for me if I am a complete beginner?

-Yes, in fact I highly recommend this event to complete beginners with limited guitar playing abilities. You will have a chance to meet more advanced players who have struggled at the beginning as much as you do. You can learn from them how much progress is possible given enough time and practice. That will be the most motivating and inspiring experience in your music life.

Why the event isn’t free?

I have put up a lot of free events in the past and it was fun. The reality is that it is very hard to organise free stuff especially as a self-employed guitar teacher whith no government support. Be aware that by taking part in this event you are supporting some future free events planned later this year. This event will contribute towards free music events.

Why there is a limited number of slots?

I want to make sure that everybody will have a chance to play. If the group was bigger we wouldn’t be able to give everyone enough attention. I also prefer to work with people who are more committed than others. I think that being in a group of this size will help us to focus more.

Can I still come even if I don’t feel comfortable to play yet?

Yes, attending the event will definitely give you a confidence for the future shows, many of my students didn’t perform at the first events they were attending. Many students were really grateful that I encouraged them to come.

Do I need to bring anything?

I am providing some guitar amplifiers and PA system, feel free to bring your own amps and do not forget to bring your guitar. Remember it might get really loud!



This event might not be for you if:

If you do not like to take action – this event is definitely not for you.

You are negative about life – this event is definitely not for you.

Not for you if you feel that you are crap and you will never improve.

If you think that there are no benefits of playing with other people for whatever reason, for example: they are not good enough for you or you are not good enough.

Not for you if you prefer to stay away from people.

Not for you if you don’t believe this event is worth your money.


This will be a life changing event followed by a night out in the heart of Wimbledon. 


The venue is located in Central Wimbledon and there is a free parking from 6pm. The event starts at 6pm and will finish at 10 pm 

Wimbledon Community Association
28 St. George’s Road

London SW19 4DP


So how would you like to spend your Friday evening?        

Or maybe?

Contact me as soon as possible to book your spot and to avoid disappointment as these 15 places will go fast…


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