Student Success Stories:

Do you feel good about your guitar playing at the moment?

Are you frustrated with your guitar skills and doubt your musicality?
Have you been trying to teach yourself guitar from DVD’s and the Internet, without success?
Have you lost your motivation to practice and you feel as if reaching your guitar goals is unrealistic?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can relate. I know what it’s like to be frustrated with the guitar because I have been frustrated in the past. I have tried learning from books and DVD’s and I know how difficult and frustrating that can be and at times and I even lost my motivation. But what I have found has helped me in turning these things around has been finding a guitar teacher who understands and can relate to my challenges at guitar and has solutions to my problems. As a matter of fact I am taking guitar lessons to this date because I find them extremely motivational and inspiring. My guitar teacher is always able to break things down in slow and easy to understand way. My teacher also knows what are my goals and interests so that I am always confident that I am using my energy to learn guitar in the right way. Because I know what is like to be a guitar student I am confident that I will help you reaching your musical goals much faster the same way as I did with so many students in Wimbledon area in the past. To see the proof check Student Success Stories, GregX TV and Guitarist Blog and Student Events.

 Or maybe you are picking up guitar for the first time?
Perhaps you have had guitar lessons in the past but you just felt you were not making any progress?
Or you feel as if your progress is really slow compared with other musicians at your level?

I used to teach myself as a complete beginner so I can relate to that. Picking up guitar for the first time can be be really confusing and complicated. You have to coordinate two hands and be able to do too many things at once and on the top of that you are never sure if you are doing things the right way which is always frustrating and demotivating.

I also know how it feels when you can’t really follow instructions from a teacher because I was always a slow learner and it always took me more time to get things other people were able to pick up right away.

I also know how it feels when you take lessons and you feel like you are not making any progress. I know that because I am still a guitar student and because I teach many people and I know that in learning process there are times when the information needs to sink in before you are able to apply it. The good news is that because I understand how it feels I will be able to help you overcome your guitar plateaus

Perhaps you can play guitar well but you lack of confidence as a player which make you feel like a complete beginner?
Maybe You know a lot of scales and guitar licks and tricks but you struggle to apply them in music?
Or, maybe you struggle with being more consistent as a guitar player outside of your bedroom so you struggle in live environment and band rehearsals?

I know how you feel because as an advanced guitar player who could play pretty fast and highly teachnical stuff I wasn’t able to apply it in simple blues jam session situation which made me feel that I can’t really play guitar. I felt very incompetent as a guitar player that night. Today I am helping people like you to find a focus and balance beetween the technique, phrasing and improvisation.

I also knew a lot of different scales and exercises I have found on-line but I couldn’t use them in musical context, so after many hours  of practice with a metronomme I couldn’t find any application for them in my music.  What has helped me to turn things around was to learn how to chose things to practice and actually practice application of new information. Today the main focus in my teaching is actually application of information and how it works. So playing always come first.

I used to be very inconsistent as a player because I wasn’t exposed to difficult environments to play like live music events and recording studios. Things have changed for me when I started recording my debut album ‘Dream’ where I had an opportunity to work with more advanced musicians.  I also managed to get out of my bedroom to play more gigs. Also as you might be aware I organise a lot of live events for my students which gives me an opportunity to become more consistent as a guitar player. The live student events are a great opportunity for you to get out of your bedroom to play in front of other people.

Rock Guitar Lessons in Putney: Student Jam NIght
Rock Guitar lessons in WIMBLEDON

Find out how You could become the guitarist you always wanted to be!

Imagine how great you will feel whenever you pick up your guitar and play the music you want! Imagine what it would be like to play guitar the way you always dreamt about! Imagine how great it will feel to write your own songs, play in a band or just enjoy playing your favourite songs!

Playing guitar the way you want is a realistic goal that can be achieved much easier and faster with the right teacher and an effective long term teaching strategy and methods that have already given some great results to other guitar students. The best way to move forward with your guitar playing is to work with a teacher with a proven track record of helping people reach their guitar playing goals. Someone who will teach you and develop your playing so that you are able to play guitar they way you want to in the shortest amount of time possible.

Take your time to browse this website and hear the stories of real people living around Wimbledon area. They too once in the past used to doubt themselves, used to say ‘I will never be able to play a song’, ‘I will never find enough courage to play in front of people’ or ‘I will never be able to write my own song’  Today my students are a living proof that with a bit of practice, positive attitude and supportive guitar teacher you too can become the guitar player you always wanted to be.

Benefits of taking guitar lessons with me:

  • Learn from proven guitar teaching methods: Many beginner guitar students assume that a great guitar player make a great guitar teacher. It is far from the truth. Very often a good guitar player doesn’t  make the best guitar teacher. In fact many good guitar players forgot what it is like to struggle on guitar, so they will never be able to relate to your problems. Inexperienced guitar teachers although good musicians are not able to identify student’s problems and find solutions that work with a particular type of  character or personality type. It takes time and many years of experience to develop effective guitar teaching methods that work. Learning how to teach takes time and there are many mistakes to be made just like in any other profession. An experienced guitar teacher has already made most of the mistakes you are likely to experience from an amateur guitar teachers. The best way to recognise inexperienced guitar teachers is to pay attention to what they say about their students. If they say nothing about their own students but instead brag about themselves, you can assume they haven’t taught that many people. Would you like to see the proof of my guitar teaching methods? Watch my students playing music at student events, concerts, open mic nights and jam sessions. Visit:  Student Success StoriesGregX TV and Guitarist Blog and Student Events.
  • Save Time: You will stop wasting time on trial and error approach in learning guitar and you will save a lot of time and frustration. With me You will improve your guitar skills much faster than on your own because you will be learning the right things at the right time.
  • Save Money: Taking guitar lessons with me saves money! With me You will never again have to spend money on ineffective guitar methods that promise fast results but offer only frustration and more confusion. I am referring here to all sort of on-line guitar lessons, amateur YouTube videos
  • Learn the right things: Instructional DVD’s and books don’t usually work for most people because the information they provide require some musical background. The books, DVD’s or free YouTube videos can not fill out the gaps in your music knowledge since it is impossible to know what information you are missing. You also very often don’t know what you don’t know if you are a beginner guitarist.
  • Get detailed demonstration: In lessons with me you will be able to see the correct demonstration of techniques. You will be able to see my hands from any angle you like and you will be able to ask me specific questions. You can not ask questions while doing on-line guitar lessons because there is no one to answer. Most of the courses are totally automated.
  • Get accurate information: You will improve your guitar skills much faster than on your own because we will be learning the right things at the right time. Most people who teach themselves learn things on guitar in the wrong order which makes learning very difficult. There is a lot of good stuff on-line but it is hard to know which information is correct.
  • Get instant feed back: You will get an instant feed back on your playing and progress and any problem or bad playing habit will be removed immediately so that you can fast track your progress. It is impossible to get a feed back from a YouTube video since it’s a very passive and ineffective way of learning guitar.
  • Build confidence: My proven teaching methods help my students to gain confidence in many different musical situations from band rehearsals, studio recording sessions to live performances. All my guitar students get the opportunity to play gigs and open mic nights and they get a chance to play together at various workshops and jam nights that are part of the programme. You will get an access to London music venues and play in front of friends and family at student events.
  • Meet like-minded musicians: You will get an access to my network of musicians who are highly motivated guitar students, sound engineers and music producers. Many guitar students that I taught have formed bands or project and some of them meet up regularly to play music and to socialise.
  • Become a musician: Thanks to group classes and jam nights you will learn how to make music with other people . Playing in your bedroom has nothing to do with playing in the band. With me you will gain lots of band experience so that you will never struggle in band rehearsals.
  • Learn to record your music: You will get a chance to record your own track or your favourite song at my professionally equipped home recording studio. I will also share with you my recording experience. Check my album ‘Dream’ on Amazon or iTunes and read reviews on-line (Google: ‘Greg X Dream’)
  • Meet famous guitar players: Thanks to masterclasses featuring World renowned guitar players you will get more inspiration to practice and improve your skills. You will be able to ask these artist any question relevant to your own musical progress. So far I have hosted Greg Howe,Jamie Humphries and Alex Hutchings.

More Student Success Stories:

I came to Greg about a year ago because I have been trying to teach myself how to play guitar which is near or impossible especially if you don’t want to learn the wrong things and end up making things more difficult for yourself in the future. Before I took lessons with Greg I felt like it was impossible, like this was never going to happen, that it was too late for me and I should give up. But taking that one trial lesson that day really changed everything. Greg showed me that it is possible and the things that were only for great guitarists out there were actually achievable for anyone… Lauren, London Based Rock Guitarist

When I have met Greg six months ago, I had never played any kind of musical instrument or indeed studied music. Imagine my surprise and pleasure therefore when I found myself playing songs that I liked on stage in a band in front of the whole music school. I was really surprised that one can make that much progress in Greg’s lessons. I enjoy the way Greg teaches because, he teaches through learning songs and these are the songs you might suggest yourself or you already know. Mike, Oil Industry Entrepreneur, Fan of Blues, Soul and Classic Rock

I did have guitar lessons a long time ago for about a month but I gave up on that and I gave up the guitar, but I had years lessons with Greg and I rejuvenated my interest in guitar with that year. I now love the lead guitar… The years lessons gave me a great interest in the guitar and sustained my interest in guitar. You can progress when you are having lessons, You learn to play in time with other people. It is interaction with the other people you don’t get while playing at home on your own, You can progress a lot easier.Alan, London Primary School Teacher, Fan of Classic Rock

I feel happy being able to pick up an instrument and play it and keep the audience occupied for a half an hour or so… which is something I couldn’t do four years ago… Guitar lesson with Greg is something in my diary each week that I actually look forward to… The thing that kept me going for all those years was persistence and the knowledge that if you keep practicing you can get better. Chris, Professional Chartered Accountant, Fan Of Classic And Indie Rock

I have been playing guitar for 30 years, in rock bands and blues bands and I am a quite experienced player… I have come to Greg because I don’t think its ever too late to expand your repertoire or expand your thinking about how you play guitar…This has been a worthwhile experience for me. I consider it was worth financial output from my pocket to have this extra knowledge.Danny Gwilym, Lead Guitarist of Roadhouse Blues Band.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question One: You seem to teach a lot of pretty accomplished and experienced players, Are beginners welcome?

My Answer: Many of my students started taking lessons with me as complete beginners. They had no previous music experience or lessons. So Yes! Beginners are welcome;-)

Question Two: There are a lot of videos on your site showing your students playing on stage or talking about playing at workshops. What if I don’t want to perform on stage and I would rather play guitar only for my own enjoyment?

My Answer: Not all of my Students want to play on stage. Many just prefer to be able to play for themselves or for family and friends at home. It is absolutely okay to be this way;-) These videos are here just to show you what is possible after taking lessons with me and that the option is there if you ever change your mind;-)

Question Three: Do You teach acoustic guitar? A lot of the videos on your site are showing students playing on electric guitar…

My Answer: Yes I do teach Acoustic guitar. A lot of students that I teach have started on an acoustic and then they have decided to go for an electric. They are able to play both instruments since skills on both instruments are transferrable. I am organising a special acoustic concert in February 2013 with the theme ‘Rock Goes Acoustic’ I will feature all my electric guitar students playing acoustic!

Question Four:I am a complete beginner. Shall I learn the basics on guitar on my own before I come to you to learn some serious stuff? It seems to be more logical to learn guitar that was since It will save me more money…

My Answer: Many guitar students make this deadly mistake hoping to save money to learn properly when they are more competent. The problem is that as a beginner with no musical knowledge you don’t know in which order you should be learning the information from books or instructional videos. You will also develop many bad habits as a player and most likely confuse the information from your resources. THis will drastically slow you down or perhaps even put you off. I recommend starting guitar lessons from a day one you get your instrument. 

Learning guitar on your own can be frustrating and confusing. Choose the easy way by signing up for guitar lessons with me and enjoy your musical journey just like my students did.

Choose the best guitar programme for your specific needs

Complete Beginner Guitarist Programme

Are you looking to learn guitar from scratch, or perhaps you have tried some ineffective guitar methods based on ‘one size fits all’ DVD’s or books? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the information on-line and you are not sure which one is accurate? Maybe you just prefer to have someone simply showing you what to do in a logical and easy to follow manner at your own pace?

Guitar Strummer Programme

You know some basic chords but you struggle with the rhythm so that each songs you play sounds exactly the same? Perhaps some chords give you a hard time and prevent you from playing songs you love? Perhaps you struggle with fingerpicking or using a pick? Are you interested in learning your favourite songs and play guitar socially or for your own enjoyment? Perhaps you are not interested in leaning how to improvise and compose your music but you will quite happily play some famous tunes and have fun? Perhaps you wish to play at open mic nights? For fans of Modern Indie bands, Folk and Traditional Music, bands like: The Beatles, Oasis, The La’s, REM, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Paul Weller and the Jam and many more…

Blues Guitar Player Programme

Are you a guitar player with a bit of chords knowledge, riffs and scales? Perhaps you struggle to improvise or to play your favourite songs? Or you wish to gain freedom of playing solos you hear in your head? You would love to be able to pick up your guitar and jam along to your favourite songs or maybe even join a band or take part in blues jam session? Would you like to develop your guitar phrasing techniques like vibrato, hammer on’s, string bends and slides? Blues Guitar Player Programme will be good for you if you like following bands and artists: Eric Clapton, Albert King, BB Kind,The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Steve Ray Voughan, Gary Moore, Led Zeppelin, Cream, John Mayall, Jimi Hendrix, The Roling Stones, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Free, The Animals, Bad Company, Rory Gallagher and many more…

Rock Guitarist Programme

Are you into rock? You can play already some riffs and songs and you might even played some guitar solos? Perhaps you are looking to improve your guitar improvising skills and technique to be able to play more technically demanding songs. Perhaps you struggle to play your favourite songs and make them sound as great as they were played by your favourite bands? For fans of classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, indie rock. Are you into Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Metallica, AC/DC, Free, Bon Jovi, The Ramones, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Guns n’ Roses? This programme is for you.

Advancing Rock Guitarist Programme

Are you an intermediate rock guitar who is confident about improvising in minor pentatonic scale and is willing to learn more advanced harmony. Perhaps you feel restricted by lack of scales and phrasing techniques, Maybe you wish to learn more advanced guitar techniques such as string skipping, sweep picking arpeggios, tapping, whammy bar technique? Are you a fan of guitar shredding: Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani,Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman, Jeff Loomis?

While requesting your free introductory session please let me know which programme you are interested in.

I will be happy to advise the best option for you based on your evaluation lesson.

My Name Is Greg And As A Guitar Teacher, I Offer Proven Guitar Lesson Programmes In London.

Many students in Wimbledon and surrounding areas have come to me to learn to play their favorite songs, their favourite styles, to learn to express their Musical Ideas… To Find their own Musical Voice. And Some have gone on to take their new developed playing skills even further and play at our workshops, and some even live on stage, at our Special Student Events and even form their own bands; while others have chosen just to learn Guitar as a way to relax.. just for fun, just for their own pleasure.


My Students have discovered like I did many years ago, that with a patient experienced Guitar Teacher to guide you and support you, you can reach your goals on the Guitar. With me as your teacher you can find out:


How You can Get Past Your frustrations of not being able to play the way you know you were meant to play – whether You are a beginner or have been playing many years.

You can Stop Playing the same things that You Know over and over – break out of Your rut of the same songs, the same riffs, the same solos and improvisation ideas. You can Start making real progress on The Guitar while having Fun. How to break the current ceiling on Your Guitar Playing, whether You have been playing for years or never played or even picked up a guitar before.

In my five year long proven guitar teaching career I have come across many guitar students who had great musical potential but they lacked of confidence in themselves. In many cases this lack of confidence leads to self doubt and negative feelings that make people give up their dreams of becoming musicians. Another common factor of not taking up the instrument is fear of failure. It prevents many potentially musical people just like you from learning guitar. It also prevents good guitarists from becoming great players. Remember that with my understanding of the learning process and experience in helping others just like you it doesn’t have to be that way. I have developed teaching strategies and systems that will make you a player you always wanted to be! Check Student Events section of the page, Student Success Stories and Guitar Player’s Blog.

There will never be a better time in your life to work on your guitar skills! How many times have you put your dreams about playing music on hold until life gets easier? The problem is that life never gets easier because sooner or later something new comes up and you make another excuse not to do it right now;-(

Successful musicians have found that in order to become great players they had to fit in guitar practice and lessons into their current busy schedule. I promise you that all great musicians you admire had to go to school, had to go to work or even support their families just like you, while working on their music skills. They were no more talented than you are and they had no more time than what is available to you. They just didn’t make the mistake of putting their musical dreams on hold but instead they took action!

My guitar students have found that it is possible to improve as a musician regardless their busy work schedules, having children and other commitments. Becoming a great guitar player is not a matter of talent but your own choice. Are you ready to take action?

P.S. The sooner you get started with guitar lessons with me, the sooner you will end your frustration and start improving and having a lot of fun from the whole guitar experience. Many people want to become great guitar players, but few are willing to take the simple steps that it takes.

P.P.S. My guitar students are living proof of how you can dramatically improve your guitar skills and have a lot of fun at the same time. With the long term teaching strategy based on your musical goals, your potential and effective practice you are going to become the guitar player you always dreamed of becoming.

P.P.P.S. If you live anywhere near London and you have an interest in acoustic guitar, blues, rock or metal CONTACT ME NOW to discuss putting you on the fast track to becoming the guitar player you want to be.


Play Guitar From The First Lesson. Learn Easy Beginner Songs On Acoustic Guitar. Complete Beginners Welcome. FREE INTRO LESSON


Blues Guitar Lessons For Beginner and Intermediate Guitar Players

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