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Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

Beginner Guitar Lessons:

Guitar Lessons For Beginners in Wimbledon

Guitar Lessons For Children

Guitar lessons For Children in Wimbledon and Putney

Blues Guitar Lessons:


Do you feel good about your guitar playing at the moment?

  • Are you picking up guitar for the first time and you dream about playing your favourite songs?
  • Are you frustrated with your guitar skills and you feel that your progress at guitar is too slow?
  • Have you been trying to teach yourself guitar from free internet videos without success?
  • Do you have time to figure things out by yourself and are you sure that you are teaching yourself the right way?
  • How many songs can you play on guitar without making mistakes or
    looking at the music sheet?
  • How confident are you about your guitar skills?
  • Are you comfortable playing guitar in front of friends, relatives, band mates or an audience?
  • Are you comfortable playing guitar solos in any key and switching back and forth from lead to rhythm guitar?

If you don’t feel good about your guitar playing or you lack confidence in at least one of the areas above you need someone who has helped many people in your situation to overcome their challenges.

I have helped many people in your situation to reach their music goals and I am confident that with my experience and your passion for music and a bit of practice you too will reach your musical goals. Please check what my students had to say about their lessons with me:

Guitar Lessons in Wimbledon

My students have found …


that playing guitar is a great hobby and a really fun way of spending time, and I think guitar lessons need to be just as much fun. I have students of various different skill levels, experience and ages, and they all have different things they want to get out of our lessons. Many of my students are beginner and intermediate guitar players who get the most enjoyment from learning their favorite songs to play for friends or simply for their own pleasure at home. In their lessons we work through their choice of songs at whatever level or speed they feel comfortable with, and it is amazing how quickly they find they have a great track list to play at the next family barbecue!


Quite a few do want to play in pubs and at open mic nights, and I really enjoy working with them to achieve this, even joining in on some occasions! I also teach more advanced students who want to learn to improvise or improve their soloing skills or play more complicated songs and techniques. As you browse around my site you will see some of my students playing guitar at student events and concerts as well as in their private lessons with me.


However, I am happy to teach students at any level, and there is never any expectation that they should perform in public. I encourage all my students to play with other people because this is a fast and fun way of learning guitar, but there is absolutely no pressure to do it if you feel uncomfortable about it. I just want to help you get as much enjoyment out of playing as I do, and so my lessons will be structured to fit your own goals and build your confidence until you are the guitar player you want to be!

Competence + Experience
= Confidence


Confidence is like a muscle that has to be constantly exercised in situations you are likely to end up as a musician. No matter if you plan to play for friends and family at home or your dream is to be in a band and play on stage. You need to practice guitar in those conditions to become the guitarist you always wanted to be.

My students have found that becoming competent at playing guitar in many different situations and environments such as student events and group classes has helped them to become more relaxed and confident about their playing abilities. Knowing that you are good at something and feeling it will give you real confidence. This type of confidence is based on facts and life experience.

Studying with me will expose you to different music situations. It will give you an opportunity to make music with other people. Help you to become a competent guitar player and performer. Help you to switch off from work and all your problems. You will also meet a bunch of good, supportive and friendly people who are passionate about music.

Playing guitar the way you want is realistic and can be achieved much easier and faster with help of an experienced guitar teacher who has help many people in your situation to reach their music goals. Someone who has an effective long term strategy and proven teaching methods. As well as proven track record of helping people building their guitar skills.

  • There is no need to learn guitar the hard way by trying to figure things out by yourself.
  • There is no reason to waste time and money on ineffective guitar methods that don’t work for most people because they are too generic and don’t factor in your goals.
  • There is no reason to sit alone at home in front of computer trying to make sense of some instructional YouTube videos that don’t work for beginners and intermediate players.
GUitar Group Lessons Wimbledon

Use the contact form below to book your first lesson:

Benefits of Guitar Lessons
  • get support and motivation when you feel frustrated.
  • stay focussed on learning things that matter to your music goals.
  • learn faster than your self-taught friends.
  • learn songs that seemed impossible to play before.
  • learn from proven methods that worked for many people in your situation.
  • receive instant feedback on your playing to avoid making the same mistakes.
  • discover things that wouldn’t occur to you while learning on your own.
  • learn songs that seemed impossible to play before.
  • build confidence as a musician in low pressure environment.
  • never feel stuck in a rut again.
  • learn how advanced guitar players practice guitar.
  • learn your favourite songs quicker.
  • kick the habit of making excuses not to practice
  • save money by learning faster.
  • learn to play with other musicians.
  • gain experience playing live at student events and jam sessions.
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