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Greg Black and White 800

My name is Greg and I am a professional guitar teacher and guitarist based in the Colliers Wood/South Wimbledon area. I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager when I first saw someone playing an electric guitar live, and since then I have never wanted to do anything else! For the last ten years I have been teaching guitar full-time and have become passionate about helping my students to reach their musical goals, whatever they are.

I started to learn by teaching myself from magazines and playing along to my favourite bands which was brilliant fun, but when I later started taking lessons I realised that a good teacher could help me to achieve my goals faster and more effectively. Over the years I have continued to take lessons from different guitar teachers who had different styles and techniques because I believe that no matter how long you have been playing and what level you reach, you can always learn something new about guitar, and be inspired by other people. When I started teaching students of my own, I wanted to help them in the same way as my teachers have helped me and inspire them to love playing guitar!

My early guitar influences came from 70s and 80s rock bands such as Deep Purple and Guns N Roses, and I still love that music! But over time I have discovered many other artists that I admire and who influence my playing. I don’t have one favourite artist, but some of my influences are: Slash and Ritchie Blackmore for rock, Gary Moore, BB King and Peter Green for electric blues, and Yngwie Malmsteen for technical genius and combining classical and rock music on the guitar!

For anyone interested please check out my albums – Under The Same Sky (2008), a compilation album released with friends (my track was called Twilight Etude), and Dream (2011) a solo album recorded with the great singer Ken Tamplin.

Most recently I have really got into country blues and finger style guitar and I am taking lessons from a great guitarist called Toby Walker. There are many amazing artists who play (or played) using this style: Doyle Dykes, Merle Travis, Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Thom Bresh and Jerry Reed. But this style is also used by more mainstream artists such as Bob Dylan, Ralph McTell, Dire Straits and James Taylor, and I think that it can really enhance any song and I am really looking forward to working it into my own music.

In my spare time I work with my wife, who is also a musician, on our music projects which vary from classic rock and blues, to rockabilly and country, to acoustic. However, this year we have been a bit more tied up with learning to be the best parents we can, following the birth of our little boy. He is already strumming daddy’s guitars whenever he gets a chance!

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