Student Testimonials:

Professional Musicians And Teachers About Greg:

“Greg is an honest, hard working music teacher who genuinely care about his students and their progress. I have known him for many years and he has developed his teaching skills to a fine art
which is demonstrated in in the dedication of his students. He is the teacher I would have loved to have when I was starting out on guitar!”

Jonathan Vipond, Bradford, UK,



Guitar lessons in London-Coventry guitar tuition“Greg X has that rare ability to not only Play Guitar to an extremely high level, but also the much rarer still ability to teach, communicate and demonstrate all aspects of Music and Guitar Playing and most importantly He patiently presents the information in multiple ways to help students get it, apply and be inspired.
Whether You’re a Complete Beginner on Guitar, Highly Advanced or somewhere in between –  I have no hesitation in recommending Greg X  as The Guitar Teacher that Can help You With Your Guitar Playing.”

Andre Zivanic, Coventry, UK,


“Greg X is not only a talented guitarists and song writer. but an extraordinary teacher. He truly cares about all those he works with. With his genuine love and passion for music and people, Greg is the real deal!” Ken Tamplin, California ,USA,




“Greg is not only a world-class musician, he also posesses the ability to communicate and share his knowledge to students of all skill levels, something many musicians of his sheer ability tend to lack. Greg rightly prides himself on the results he gains for his students and the subsequent success they find in their playing and their careers. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

Pete Hartley, Birmingham, UK,



“I’ve known Greg for some time now. Not only is he a killer guitarist and song writer, he also loves to help others reach their musical goals. We need more musicians like Greg in the music industry.”

Nick Layton – Firewolfe, Washington, USA,



“Greg is one of the most fun persons to hang out with I ever met.  I’m really glad we’re friends. He lives his life with full lungs, always ready to make put a smile on your cheek and provide you an unforgettable adventure. And I tell you, besides being extraordinary person, he’s an extraordinary guitarist. This guy can toss you some serious licks when you least expect it.And I’m sure he’s excellent at teaching those to others, as he is at performing them!”

Josip Pesut, Croatia,



“Besides being an awesome guitar player, Greg has a great set of teaching skills.He is the kind of musician that regardless of his very advanced level of musicianship is constantly looking for improvement as a guitar player and guitar teacher.”

Antony Reynaert, Oostende, Belgium,



“Greg is a very talented songwriter and guitarist.Greg’s guitar work is a combination of tasty melody and great technique with solos that serve the song.  His work with Ken Tamplin is a great combination of two talents
that sound like they were made to go together–incredibly good melodic rock.”

Paul Kleff, Grand Rapids, USA,


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