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Hey Blues fans in episode 10 of my weekly blues licks I have decided to leave the traditional blues territory to show you a cool Alvin Lee inspired guitar licks in minor pentatonic scale. You can use this lick freely in any blues and rock context. You can still use it in more traditional blues over chord IV. In case you don’t know who Alvin Lee was, check his performance from Woodstock festival in 1969 where he performed his big hit I am going home. Alvin Lee used to be considered as one of the fastest guitarists at that time. He passed away this year.

If you are interested in learning blues guitar as a complete beginner or intermediate player please feel free to contact me to book a free introductory lesson. I also recommend learning blues if you are a rock or metal guitar player. For now enjoy the Friday Blues Guitar Lick. Please share on Facebook if you like it;-)

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