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This post is dedicated to people who take breaks from playing guitar, or do not include guitar in their holiday plans or choose spending time in the sun instead of practicing their instruments.

If you spend too much time out there  on the beach, park or away you will never become a great guitar player, you will be always a guy/girl standing in front of the stage and you will only dream about playing there one day.You will be a spectator! This is what happens to people who spend time on the beach or on holiday instead of practicing their instruments;-)  Nice weather is a perfect excuse to do nothing. I am not saying don’t take your holiday, but at least take your bloody guitar on the beach and practice.  If you don’t do that you will forget a lot of stuff you have learned and it will be really painful to get back to where you were before holiday.

How come you take the break from guitar in the first place? It should be fun to play it all the time! Unless you are one of those lazy people who always talk about playing but never do anything to get better…

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